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"A statement of freedom, in a time when freedom was being denied to us." The project is a small, prefabricated dwelling designed to blend into mountainous landscapes and provide a minimalistic living space for outdoor enthusiasts. The design includes large windows to take advantage of natural light and provide stunning views, and the interior features a kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping loft.

1. Exterior finishing
Yakisugi, or Shou Sugi Ban, is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation involving charring cedar wood to enhance its durability, pest resistance, and aesthetic appeal. This technique produces a distinctive finish, making the wood ideal for exterior cladding due to its low maintenance needs and unique texture.

2. Interior walls finishing

3. Interior floor

4. Bathroom style

5. Shower

6. Faucets

7. Bathroom sink

8. Outdoor deck

9. Indoor fireplace

10. Connections
Included in the price

LED Recessed spotlights 8,5W/3000K
Light switches

Built-in furniture
Kitchen cabinets
Bathroom cabinets and furniture

Bathroom appliances

Double glazing high-performance windows
  • Transport (to be calculated according to your location)
  • Assembly (assembly quotation upon defining logistics)
  • Foundation work
  • Permitting and approvals

Note: this page serves as a preliminary enquiry, a more detailed quotation will be provided within the next weeks.

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