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"We search for freedom in wide spaces, often forgetting the real one is within us."

At The Mountain Refuge, we aim to creating spaces where you can enjoy the most beautiful places in the world. That’s why we have designed smart, on and off-grid solutions able to provide a space for your soul.

A small space doesn't mean discomfort

In our philosophy, small spaces must not become a swiss knife. Yet we wanted to make sure everything is there.

Make it your own

We offer a range of customizations to make The Mountain Refuge cabins your own.

We thought about everything

Our cabins are a complete turnkey solution. Together with our build partners, we spend efforts into designing to minimize on-site work and logistics.

Save time
Manufacturing time: 3 months
Installation time: 3 to 4 weeks
Save energy
"A" energy rating
Off-grid solutions
Save resources
Minimizing waste by having full-control over the production process
Human Sustainability Report

The way spaces are built and designed can either impact humans’ wellbeing in a good way, or in a bad way. It all occurs unconsciously by some complex interactions between the environment and our nervous system, yet the effects are substantial both in the short and in the long term.

The Human Sustainability Report provides a detailed analysis of this interaction, shedding light on the perceptual qualities of a space and its potential to influence our health and behavior.

Our build partners

We are proud to collaborate with an elite network of building partners across Europe and North America, each sharing our commitment to sustainability and excellence. Our partners bring local expertise and exceptional craftsmanship to help us create your custom eco-friendly retreats.

Meticulously architected, our bespoke dwellings are designed to make one statement: luxury that dissolves into the natural grandeur. Our curated properties are awakened to the wild human spirit, to a poetic connection between humanity and wilderness, to a sense of our smallness in the presence of nature’s grandness, to respect for all life, to access to the unimaginable beauty for all.
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Home and peace of mind.
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