The Mountain Refuge is a tiny-house designed by Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi.


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The evocation of a traditional archetype, through a contemporary principle.


Designed by Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, the project acts as a contemporary interpretation of old traditional mountain refuges, bringing in architectural character and spatial quality.

The Mountain Refuge aims to find a balance between sustainability and design, yet it does not want to become a design item, nor a technological system.

A prefabricated wood construction system.


Each module has independent structure, allowing freedom of configuration and expansion.


Thought for adaptability.


Different layout configurations offer the possibility to manage space according to the needs.

General dimensions.


Floor plan size. 4.75m x 7.45m (15.60ft x 24.40ft) excluding the outdoor deck, the size of which may vary according to the client's area.

Gross size (including roof eaves). 6.95m x 9.65m (22.80ft x 31.60ft).

Maximum wall height. 4.50m to 5.00m (14.75ft to 16.40ft).

Gross height (including roof eaves). 5.30m to 5.80m (17.40ft to 19.00ft).

Gross floor plan surface. 27.60 sqm (297 sqft)

Gross volume. 93 cbm (3284 cbft).

The refuge for your mind.


Enjoy a mixed feeling of safety and restlessness. We tried reproducing it for you in this short video. Can you feel the refuge?