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Discover the satellite

One module of The Mountain Refuge becomes an off-grid suite.

Satellite model starting from

55.900€ +VAT

Make it your own

We offer a range of customizations to make the Mountain Refuge Satellite your own.

Meet the architects
Official manufacturers and sellers
Octagon Trade

OCTAGON TRADE, SL is a specialist in delivering premium modern homes designed around our clients’ needs, tastes and budgets. We work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create spaces whose quality and style speak for themselves.


Elemental Studio

Meticulously architected, our bespoke dwellings are designed to make one statement: luxury that dissolves into the natural grandeur. Our curated properties are awakened to the wild human spirit, to a poetic connection between humanity and wilderness, to a sense of our smallness in the presence of nature’s grandness, to respect for all life, to access to the unimaginable beauty for all.

North America


The Mountain Refuge is currently available in Europe and North America. We are currently working for Australia and New Zealand.

Save time

Manufacturing time: 3 months

Installation time: 1-2 weeks

Save energy

"A" energy rating

Solar panels

Off-grid solutions

Save resources

Clean construction using natural and renewable materials

Avoid extra costs

Price closed upon signing: no surprises

General dimensions

Floor plan size: 3.77m x 3.77m excluding the outdoor deck, the size of which may vary according to the client’s area

Gross size (including roof eaves): 5.85m x 5.85m x H5.50m

Gross floor plan surface: 14.20 sqm

Gross volume: 50 cbm

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