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Human Sustainability Report: evaluating architecture's compatibility with our neurophysiological wellbeing

Architecture doesn’t simply require to be sustainable in terms of environment.
As the field of neuroscience investigates, humans’ nervous system responds in a totally differently manner in different types of spaces; the choice and quality of the architectural features highly impact our experience, health and wellbeing in a totally unconscious manner.
The Human Sustainability Report is a fundamental tool, provided by @ Studio Svnsea, that performs a post-hoc qualitative analysis, and sheds light on the compatibility of architectural projects with users neurophysiological, emotional and cognitive health and wellbeing.


Mountain Refuge is a concept for a tiny modular cabin

Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi designed Mountain Refuge as a prefabricated cabin-style micro-home built from plywood.

The duo has founded a startup company to find a partner to make their prefabricated concept a reality.


Gnocchi+Danesi architects' modular mountain refuge can be located anywhere

Expressing a contemporary influence from the traditional cabin typology, gnocchi+danesi architects presents its ‘mountain refuge.’


The mini mountain home to rediscover yourself in 25 square meters

It’s called The Mountain Refuge and it’s a mini prefabricated home from architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, responding to the question: is it possible to rediscover yourself in 25 square meters immersed in nature, nestled in a refuge that synthesizes concepts of sustainability and design?


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